We are a privately held biotechnological company based in Lincoln, NE with foundational expertise in microbiology and bioinformatics with applied expertise in animal nutrition. We develop novel direct fed microbials and microbially produced metabolites as feed additives to increase animal health and performance enabling sustainable and resilient feed practices while also enhancing profitability. Through creative works, our ideas spawn practices and technologies that promote resource-based stewardship while enhancing animal well-being.

We employ state of the art techniques including, microbiome analysis utilizing next-generation DNA sequencing technology and high throughput bioinformatics to gain insight into potential candidate for microbial intervention followed by traditional microbiology using high throughput screening to identify single and sub-communal microbial species and metabolites that interact with the host animal to provide health and productive benefits. Delivery practices of our products is easy to adopt and involves simple inclusion during daily and routine mixing and feed practices.
Samodha C. Fernando | nugutbio biotech company in lincoln nebraska

Samodha C. Fernando, Ph.D.

Samodha Fernando holds a B.Sc. in microbiology from University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka) an M.S. in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK), and a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition/Microbial Genomics from Oklahoma State University, (Stillwater, OK) and was a Postdoctoral Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA) investigating host microbe interactions. Samodha’s has investigated the influence of the gut microbiome in animal health and production.

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paul kononoff | nugutbio biotech company in lincoln nebraska

Paul J. Kononoff, Ph.D.

Paul Kononoff is a native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Paul holds a B.S.A, a M.Sc. in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK) and a Ph.D. in Dairy Nutrition from The Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA). Paul’s research has investigated the influence of nutrition on rumen fermentation, milk production, and whole animal energy utilization.

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